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Due to the relocation of our farm, we are now permanently closed.

Quality meat, 100% traceable

Here at Pound Farm Lodge, we don’t believe you have to eat meat everyday but when you do you should eat quality and know where your meat comes from. That’s why our all our products are 100% traceable back to our own animals.

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Truly free range. See for yourself!

It isn’t just our chickens that are free range! All of our animals can roam freely outdoors rather than being confined to an enclosure. The only time our chickens see the coup is at night, when we protect them from Mr. Fox!

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Slow-reared, heritage breeds

Our breeds have been raised for hundreds of years. There’s no tampering involved and as a result, take longer to grow and require more feed. Animals that reach maturity slowly and naturally, result in higher animal welfare and, arguably, better taste.

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Supported and recognised

Our farm is RSPCA Assured, so you know that animal welfare is top of our priority list.

We also fully support Compassion In World Farming (CIWF) and our animals and farm have been used by CIWF as an example of how animals should be treated and managed.

Did we mention that we’re also practicing organic?

Latest News

Proud to welcome this beautiful baby into the world…. Mum Bullseye and Baby Darcy

New Season Lamb

August 3rd, 2020|

We are really pleased to have a supply of new season lamb and hogget available in all cuts and sizes with some great lamb burgers and mince available as well.   Hogget is leaner than Lamb but

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