New Season Lamb

We are really pleased to have a supply of new season lamb and hogget available in all cuts and sizes with some great lamb burgers and mince available as well.   Hogget is leaner than Lamb but older, around 1 year old. The taste is amazing, deeper and more mature but retains the tenderness of lamb. This

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Our new chickens have started laying… eggs, eggs, eggs!

A good supply of fresh free range eggs now available! We have always struggled to supply enough eggs for our Customers. Our Customers love the fresh free range eggs, direct from the farm. About 6 weeks ago we took delivery of another batch of new layer chickens and after settling in

Our new chickens have started laying… eggs, eggs, eggs!2020-08-03T09:21:16+01:00

RSPCA Farm Assured Status!

RSPCA Farm Assured Status! Over the last few years we have been striving to run our farm in a sustainable method – good housekeeping, good natural feed (like good ol’ grass, not grains or supplements), limiting the use of antibiotics and generally learning about new (maybe old) methods to get the best

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